September Tournament at The Legacy - New Date!

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Update on the September 13th tournament at The Legacy (previously 9/20)

7:00am Shotgun
$55 - members
$60 - guests

Choose your format!

  • Competitive round (USGA rules must be observed at all times)
  • Casual Golf (Free drops, etc are allowed - will not be eligible for prize fund).

Register by Friday, September 5th. Hope to see you there!

Congratulations to our 2013 Award Recipients!

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WF Cup Winner: Diana Burkett (714 pts)

WF Cup 2nd Place: Randy Smith (627 pts)

WF Cup 3rd Place: Rick Berkheimer (581 pts)

Most Improved Player: Colin Pinzon

Player of the Year (most tournaments played): Ted Larsen

If you were not at the year-end tournament or could not stay for the awards, please email with your mailing address and we will send you your prize!

Also - any unclaimed prizes for 2013 can be mailed to you - email

Thank you for a great 2013!!

June Tournament @ Kierland

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Registration is open for the June 29th tournament at Kierland!

7:00am shotgun start
$60 - WFGA Members
$65 - WFGA Guests

Register now through Monday, June 17th at

Registering for a Tournament

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In an effort to avoid sending multiple email updates, you're going to see more of these "blog" posts from me (yes - I'm that lazy - instead of sending/replying to several emails, I'll post these items on the site).

Topic of the day:  How the heck do I register for a tournament the "right" way?  There are 3 scenarios:

Scenario #1: You are registering as a single player and have no pairings requests (you are Mindy's favorite kind of player - no offense to the others, but these players are EASY to place!)  :) 

  • Log into the site
  • Enter your information
  • List yourself as Player #1
  • Submit your registration
  • DONE!

Scenario #2: You are registering on your own, but want to be paired with certain people IF they are also playing (you have not confirmed these other players are participating).

  • Log into the site
  • Enter your information
  • List yourself as Player #1
  • Indicate any pairings requests in the "Pairings Requests" field.  Again - these requests are for players who you have NOT confirmed are playing.
  • Submit your registration
  • DONE!

Scenario #3: You are registering as part of a twosome, threesome, or foursome AND they are all confirmed to play (i.e. they are sending in their checks/PayPal payments, etc)

  • Log into the site
  • Enter your infomation
  • List yourself as Player #1
  • List Player #2 (and Player #3 and #4 if applicable)
  • ONLY List Player #2, #3, and #4 if they are CONFIRMED as playing.  Anyone listed in the "Player" fields will be included in the "owes us $$" list.
  • Include all players' email addresses if you want them to also recieve pairings info (if they are WFGA members, you can leave blank)
  • Submit your registration - no need to also include them in pairings requests - by registering them this way, you've already requested to be paired with them
  • DONE!


May 18th Tournament @ Ocotillo - Why not more space?

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As many of you know, I have only been golfing for about 6 years, but I have been planning and managing events (including golf tournaments) for more than 10 years.  Simply put - I know what I'm doing. 

So if that's the case, then why - you ask yourself - would I not book enough spots for a tournament? 

The tournament was booked before we could anticipate the number of players who actually be playing in tournaments from month to month.  In 2011 and 2012, the Ocotillo tournament was not well-attended (less than 30 players one year, less than 20 players the other).  So - you can almost understand why they would not expect us to bring more than 44 players to the course, regardless of promises of "merged clubs" etc.

Troon typically allows me to give an estimate of my count, and about 14-30 days out, will allow me to increase or decrease my numbers.  Ocotillo is a Troon course, therefore I figured they would let me do this.  However, I had forgotten that last year, when we had a few threesomes in our group, the course indicated that they would be selling those fourth spots to single golfers.  I was (and am still) unimpressed by this.  Instead of offering to work with me on a solution, I was offered an alternate date (Memorial Day weekend) to hold the tournament.

As many of you know (and, as I have waxed eloquent on previous occasions), I book courses based on the relationships. Troon (as a general rule) has treated me well - even when I had to drop numbers in past years.  While I continue to believe that Troon is the best golf management company in the Valley, Ocotillo has proven itself to be an exception to the rule. Operationally, they have always done a good job, and I enjoy working with the team there, but whatever force is tying the hands of the sales team needs to be remedied before I will book future tournaments there.  In the meantime, I will continue to work with the other Troon courses, Camelback Golf Club (AWESOME team there), and other strong partners.

Her Majesty's Philosophy on the Courses we Choose to Play

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I get this question a lot:  "How do you choose your courses?"  My answer has five simple parts. 

  • Course quality.  Are the Fairways, Greens, Rough decently maintained?  Do the bunkers actually have sand in them?
  • Playability.  Can the course be played by golfers at many skill levels?  Will the 27 handicap player have as much fun playing it as a 4 handicap player? 
  • Value. Are they able to offer a competitive price during a time when the course is in good shape?  (I don't care if I can get Troon North for $50 if they just punched their greens.  Quality superscedes low price.
  • Service.  Can they handle groups well?  How do they treat me when I check in?  How do they treat my players?  More importantly, how do they treat me when they don't know who I am (i.e they don't know I'm about to bring $5000 in business to their course)?  I have returned to courses year after year entirely on this experience.  Conversely, courses have been black-listed for me because they didn't treat the players as valuable customers.
  • Our newest members.  This year, in consideration for our new memberhip, we gave up a couple of our favorite locations so we could add more courses in the West Valley based on their requests.  We try to spread our tournaments across the entire Phoenix Metro area in order to experience everything this great golf destination has to offer.

There you go - Mindy's philosophy on booking tournaments.  With this philosophy, I leverage seasonal, regional golf rates, and work closely with my favorite courses.  They have built relationships with me over the years, and I know I can trust them to take care of our group.  You may agree, you may disagree.  You may think you can choose better courses or negotiate better rates.  To those of you thinking that, I say "JOIN US!!"  we'll take your help, welcome your help.  To volunteer, send me an email:  Serious offers only - no bitching, whining or complaining allowed! Laughing


Bear Creek Tournament Cancelled due to Weather/Course Conditions

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If you were registered to play in the Bear Creek tournament on 1/26, we will credit your fee toward your next tournament.  Please contact us with any questions!  Stay dry - see you next month!

Welcome to the new year of the WFGA

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Welcome to the 2013 season!

First, we would like to say a warm hello and welcome to all our new members.  We are still filling out our rotation for the year but our first tournament is right around the corner.  Sign up for our Bear Creek on Saturday, January season opener online at  

We are also launching a new website this year to serve our members better.  This blog format should make is easier for us to update and keep you informed of the goings on with the club.

Happy New Year and hit 'em straight this year.

Mindy Gunn wins Player of the Year

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Once again our intrepid leader won the points race for player of the year 2012.  For a second year in a row, Mindy Gunn has proved she can not only play with the boys but beat them at consistency and endurance.  It was close with Kurt Zimmerman, Guy Gundaker and Mindy all controlling their own destinies.  With a win in the final tournament, all of them had enough points to win the cup.  Alas, Longbow Golf club proved a hard test and Mindy was our winner.

A Stroke is a Stroke

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A Stroke is a Stroke: Whether you hit the ball or not, whether it moved or not, whether you touched it or not, you gotta count it. Except....